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by Stephen Gillard & Laura Turner

A new play about the female experience of persecution,
prejudice and privilege in the Salem Witch Trials

ABIGAIL was the first live theatre show presented by Fury Theatre. After receiving initial development support from Leeds Playhouse Furnace Festival in November 2021, ABIGAIL was performed at The Space London in May 2022 to sell-out audiences and great industry, audience and critical response. Find out more about the show here and view our production gallery of images taken by the brilliant photographer, Richard Hall. 

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What's the play about?

Boston, Massachusetts, 1692. Abigail is a young woman who condemned others to death during the Salem Witch Trials. She flees to Boston, where we imagine what happened next. Abigail is determined to start afresh and tell her story, refusing to be defined by the past. But the past won't be so easily left behind...

A modern history play about prejudice, power, privilege and persecution, ABIGAIL is a retelling of the Salem Witch Trials from the imagined perspective of a young woman discovering her sexuality at a time when being different can mean a death sentence.

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Why the Salem Witch Trials?

Between 1692 and 1693 in the puritanical American town of Salem, more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft, and many were executed as a result. ABIGAIL is a story about the inadequacies of the justice system, particularly towards women, in the past and the present. It explores white privilege, bigotry in all its forms, the experience of coercive control and abuse, and the vilification of women who dare to be different. A theme we can very much identify with today as we witness the callous media treatment of women who break the mould. How much has changed since 1692? Not as much as we might hope.

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What next?

We are currently redeveloping the play based on the discoveries we made during the rehearsal and performance process, and the great, constructive feedback we received from audiences and the wider industry. We are focusing in on the themes of prejudice and privilege, as well as the weaponization of women that occurs so frequently in patriarchal societies - where women start turning against other women. 

We are currently looking for new partners to help us take ABIGAIL on the next steps of its journey of development, so if you are a theatre, company or artist who would like more information or to get involved, please do contact us. 

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The Team

The Cast

Solvi - Sophie Jane Corner

Abigail - Laura Turner

Mercy - Lucy Sheree Cooper

Milly - Sarah Isbell

Mrs Constance - Sophie Kamal

Jack - James Green

The Marshal - Nathan Haymer-Bates

Fight and Movement Choreography by

James Green, Shaarai Spriggs and

members of the company.

The Creative Team

Co-Writers - Stephen Gillard & Laura Turner

Director - Stephen Gillard

Assistant Director - Shaarai Spriggs

Intimacy Co-Ordinator - Haley Muraleedharan

Dramaturg - Elisha Pearce

Original Music - Jonny Gillard

Original Artwork - Jonny Gillard

Lighting Design - Kitty van den Hoven

Marketing & Social Media - Stevie Merrick

Photography - Richard Hall

Producer - Laura Turner

With thanks to the brilliant creatives who helped us develop the show in its early stages - actors Hannah Douglas, Sarah Whitehouse, Natalie Reed and Philip Stevens,

and choreographer Ruth Perry. 

ABIGAIL was made possible thanks to the support of these brilliant organisations:

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