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The Power Of A Look

by Laura Turner

A site-specific Instagram play about toxic masculinity,
control, coercion and social media.

Cassie runs a successful lifestyle vlog "The Power of A Look" When her boss oversteps what's appropriate, Cassie uses her platform to speak out.

The Power Of A Look was a lockdown collaboration between writer Laura Turner and actor Hannah Douglas, to explore the way the intense toxic environments of work, social media and the internet can become so interwoven and the difficulty we face in finding the courage sometimes to accept our experience and speak out against genuine wrongdoing. 

The Team

The Cast

Cassie - Hannah Douglas

The Creative Team

Writer - Laura Turner

Co-Directors - Laura Turner & Hannah Douglas

Consultant Director - Philip Stevens

Editor - Stephen Gillard

Producer - Laura Turner

Filmed by Hannah Douglas. 

Watch now...

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